Thursday, November 1, 2007

Maturing IT support - framework / model

I find the model I created useful in evaluating where teams stand in their maturity and the kinds of things I ask them to focus on to move up the value chain and improve their performance.

An example, to move from a state of 'managed' to 'measured', I ask teams to put in place measures in the following areas :

A> Business KPI reporting in the context of the system being measured. B> Measures around the utilization of the system (beyond CPU etc.). The most basic is a graph of concurrent user logins at 15 min intervals. More sophesticated is transactional level measures. C> Systems availability reporting which of course is always 99%+. A better way is measuring business impact i.e. #minutes downtime / call centre agent / month.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Milan. Also, as the teams mature the manager should move away from managing people to managing systems so that it frees up time to do many more things.
In my experience, I have come to realize that in a matured project I just need a dashboard with leading and lagging indicators (number matrix) to help me drive the project and spend my time only on the critical path issues. Rest of the time should be spent in trying to optimize the algorithm or looking at innovative ways of doing things.

In maintenance contracts (projects is a wrongly used term) things like production defects, through put, transaction processing rate, productivity, cost of quality (enhancements) are some of the parameters that I would have on the dashboard.