Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recurring patterns

I have an interesting job. Being in the center of the top crisis situations facing a telecom company (that translate to IT blame), the ability to execute without barriers, the ability to traverse up and down the food chain, C level to end workerbee, makes my job fun. It is a good day when I get to go home feeling like I (we) fixed something that had a positive impact on our customers .. and I get a lot of that thanks to our infinite ability to create problems. So, feeling self-destructive, I want out of this job i.e. my goal is shifting to prevention rather than reaction.

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Unknown said...

I agree completely. Having left BT and now working for a company whose sole purpose is to ensure organisations are fully prepared if their inbound telecoms are disrupted, you would think that this would be satisfying. But what amazes me most is the apathy that companies have about preparation rather than cure, willing to pay through the nose when things go wrong but not equipping themselves adequately in the first place.